Wellbore Surveying

In most cases, well trajectories of the old oilwells have been measured by low accuracy survey tools, without proper quality control. This may affect the results of reserves estimation and geological modeling. To check the trajectory of such wells, only gyro survey tool is suitable, since the metal casing will not allow to obtain azimuth with a magnetic tool. Atlas Drilling small-sized wireline gyro makes it possible to quickly resurvey the trajectory of existing wells without removing downhole equipment.

Atlas gyro for orientation
Atlas Drilling wellbore gyro survey

Slim MEMS gyroscope

To date, sidetrack drilling is actively carried out on the mature oilfields to open missed hydrocarbon deposits. In this case, the gyroscopic inclinometer makes it possible to resurvey the trajectory before drilling and orientation of the whipstock. Atlas Drilling small-sized wireline gyro can provide survey and orientation services when drilling sidetracks. This allows our Customers to avoid unnecessary drilling costs and be sure that the specified wellbore parameters are achieved. 

In the case of drilling a borehole near existing wells, there is a risk of collision, which can lead to a severe accident. With a dense well grid, the uncertainty in the position of the well trajectories may not allow drilling a relief well or sidetrack. Atlas Drilling gyro significantly reduces the uncertainty of the drilled well and wells around due to its high accuracy. This will reduce the length of drilling in new wellbores and save significant funds for the Customer, and most importantly, prevent significant financial and reputational losses in the event of wellbore collision.