On the mature depleted oilfields one of the effective ways to stimulate production of hydrocarbons is a sidetrack drilling. With the use of modern technologies, it becomes possible to search for missed deposits, improve the efficiency of operating reservoirs. At present, drilling of sidetracks is actively carried out to open missed deposits. In this case, the gyroscopic inclinometer makes it possible to orient the whipstock for kickoff in the desired direction.

Disadvantages of magnetic inclinometers (EMS, MWD) for orientation

When orienting the whipstock or motor, not all tools can operate at low inclinations (below 5°). Magnetic sensors are not capable of operating in drillpipes and cased holes. That’s why magnetic inclinometers can perform orientation jobs only with the help of a gravity toolface. In turn, the gravity toolface cannot measure a reliable azimuth value at inclinations from 0° to 5°. Therefore, magnetic inclinometers are not suitable for orientation at low inclinations. 

In addition, magnetic inclinometers are not capable of measuring the azimuth in a cased hole. Therefore, obtaining of the independent trajectory from wellhead to the kickoff point is impossible. So the Customer has to rely on survey data obtained while drilling. Often, in the mature fields, these are data from of old generation tools and with possible violations of quality and accuracy parameters.

Atlas gyro for orientation

Atlas Drilling gyro tool for orientation jobs

LAtlas Drilling small-sized gyro tool reliably gives the value of the azimuth and rotation angle of the whipstock at any inclination including inclinations close to 0°, because the tool uses latest north-seeking gyro sensors. This allows us to also measure the trajectory of the wellbore. As a result, our Customers can refine the spatial position of the kickoff window to improve the accuracy of further drilling of the wellbore. 

Atlas Drilling small-sized gyro tool can operate both in real time on a wireline and in battery mode on slickline. A GR/CCL module can be included in the toolstring for additional depth control. Strict quality control, as well as the use of a reliable small-sized gyros, allow us to provide service for orienting the whipstock, motor and other equipment at the highest level and in a short time.

downhole orientaion