Offshore Drilling

High-precision gyroscopy helps to significantly reduce the risks and costs for offshore drilling. The advantages of high-precision gyro technology help to optimize the trajectory of the well and make it possible to build it where MWD systems do not allow.

автономный сбрасываемый гироскоп Атлас
Atlas drop gyro

Improving Wellbore Positioning Accuracy in Offshore Drilling

The need for efficient well drilling with reduced risks of technological operations and lower costs has led to the development of technologies that can reduce drilling time. The integration of innovations has reduced the risks and the average time of well drilling, which has led to the spread of high-precision gyroscopy technologies in offshore drilling in world practice. 

Well positioning accuracy is critical to the success of offshore operations, especially where there is a high risk of wellbore collision. Companies implementing high-precision gyroscopy technology can reduce such risks and improve the well separation factor.

There is a direct relationship between high-precision geosteering and the best wellbore positioning. High-precision gyroscopy technology is recognized as a better option than magnetic inclinometers while drilling MWD/LWD due to the ability to obtain more accurate data without the interference and errors of magnetic fields affecting the quality of measurements. In addition, the introduction of modern solid-state sensors has led to new high-precision gyroscope systems that are more reliable and accurate than previous generations of mechanical gyroscopes. 

To save drilling time, the technology of a drop gyroscope (Drop Gyro) was developed and implemented, which makes it possible to eliminate rig downtime for surveys. The drop gyro technology makes it possible to take measurements even in long horizontal sections of wells that are inaccessible for a wireline tool. Surveying by a drop gyro is made while pulling out the drilling assembly after drilling a section of the well. 

The introduction of a high-precision gyro into the telemetry system (GWD – Gyro While Drilling) made it possible to obtain real-time survey data while drilling. GWD allows you to quickly control the drilling of the well, choosing the optimal and safe trajectory. 

Offshore drilling where a wellbore collision can lead to a catastrophic event that threatens life and the environment requires the introduction of innovative technologies such as Drop Gyro and Gyro While Drilling (GWD). 

Operations on offshore projects are very demanding on the quality management system and job procedures compliance. Thanks to rich experience in the field of gyroscopy and geosteering, as well as compliance with the highest standards, Atlas Drilling is ready to offer a high-quality service of high-precision gyroscopy using the latest solutions available in the global geosteering market.

Atlas gyro for offshore drilling
Atlas gyro for offshore drilling