Gyro Surveying

The need to use advanced and highly efficient technologies in the field of geosteering of wells dictates the tightening of criteria for drilling and development. First of all, this is due to the depletion of deposits and the development of hard-to-recover reserves. This leads to an increase in the drilling of horizontal and multilateral wells, as well as to compaction of the well pattern. As a result, highly accurate determination of the spatial position of wellbores is the key to the success of drilling and development. Atlas Drilling has a unique experience and technologies for high-precision gyroscopic inclinometry. This allows Atlas Drilling to perform high-quality and accurate work such as a high-precision gyroscope to be dropped, a high-precision gyroscope in the process of drilling, orientation work, control measurements of the trajectory on the cable, and so on.

Atlas Drilling wellbore gyro survey

Advantages of Atlas Drilling gyro technologies

MWD and EMS systems with magnetic sensors determine the azimuth from the Earth’s magnetic field. But gyro sensor is based on a different physical principle – inertial forces. Therefore, it is not affected by magnetic fields and related errors. Gyro sensors are able to take measurements where magnetometers do not work. There are many tools on the gyro market today. They differ in design, size, accuracy, operation modes, and means of deployment supported. Atlas Drilling is ready to offer the best solutions for the service of gyro surveying. All Atlas Drilling operations are carried out in compliance with the highest quality standards. This allows our Customers to get high-quality results that they can rely on.

Atlas Drilling’s gyro technology, high-precision gyro tools and equipment have proven to be effective all over the world. They have been successfully used in thousands of jobs throughout North and South America, the Middle East, Australia, Europe and Africa.

Atlas Drilling high precision gyro

A feature of the Atlas Drilling high-precision gyro is the ability to survey in almost all types of wells, including horizontal ones, and supports any means of deployment – a free-fall drop, wireline, slickline, downhole tractor, coiled tubing, etc. 

In contrast to the inertial (continuous) gyroscopes which should be tied to the azimuth at the wellhead (subject to “human” error), the Atlas Drilling small-sized gyro is capable of operating both in inertial (continuous) mode and in the true North-seeking mode – a gyrocompass mode. In the gyrocompass mode each measurement is independent of the initial azimuth orientation of the tool. In combination with the inertial continuous mode it is possible to obtain high density data – the HD survey. 

Atlas Drilling gyro sensors provide higher accuracy than the latest MWD or EMS tools in wellbores of any trajectory, including horizontal ones. That’s why the Atlas Drilling gyro is a reliable tool for control the quality of MWD measurements. The slim design of the tool (1,75” or 44.5 mm OD) make it possible survey in wells with a minimum ID as little as 2” or 50 mm, including a free-fall drop survey in a drillpipes of 3,5” or 89 mm OD. The introduction of modern solid-state sensors into the small-sized gyroscope has significantly increased the reliability and battery life. Microelectromechanical (MEMS) gyro sensors can withstand more vibration and shock loads compared to rate mechanical gyros.

Gyro while drilling

The Atlas Drilling gyro can be integrated into the drilling assembly. This allows us to receive real-time survey data while drilling. We offer two types of technologies – Gyro Steering and Gyro While Drilling (GWD). Gyro Steering allows drilling with the gyroscope which is connected via a wireline (wet connect technology, coiled tubing drilling with a wireline). And the Gyro While Drilling technology assumes that high-precision gyro module is integrated into the MWD system, while communication is carried out through mud-pulse or electromagnetic channel. 

Downhole equipment orientation

Orientation mode in Atlas Drilling small-size gyros provides real-time orientation of downhole equipment and whipstock. The True North seeking mode allows you to accurately orient the downhole equipment even at low inclinations (less than 5 degrees). In addition, our standard orientation procedure includes wellbore survey from wellhead to the kickoff point, which increases the information content for sidetracks drilling. 

In the freefall drop gyro mode survey is performed in memory mode while pulling out a drillstring or tubing. The high-precision drop gyro allows Customer not to stop drilling and technological processes of well construction for measuring the trajectory. Also, this method of registration allows you to survey the horizontal wells without expensive deployment means such as coiled tubing or a downhole tractor. Thus, the use of high-precision drop gyro increases the efficiency of the drilling operations.