Gyro While Drilling

With the introduction of Gyro While Drilling (GWD) technology, a revolution in the field of well geosteering has occurred, which has helped to significantly improve the efficiency and safety of drilling. The Atlas™ GWD system is a high-precision gyroscope while drilling that is integrated into the bottomhole assembly. Atlas Drilling uses innovative solid state MEMS technologies in Atlas™ GWD, which are not affected by shock and vibration in drilling conditions, as well as magnetic interference. 

The Atlas™ GWD system delivers the most accurate and reliable gyro survey data in real time. Thanks to this, our Customers can make decisions on adjusting the drilling trajectory as quickly and accurately as possible. This minimizes financial risks and improves formation penetration, increasing wellbore efficiency. 

Atlas™ GWD reduces the uncertainty ellipse by 64% compared to latest MWD systems. Comparison of the accuracy of the Atlas Drilling high-precision gyro with other tools can be found here. In addition, the Atlas™ GWD can be used under conditions of magnetic interference and is not subject to the errors inherent in MWD systems.

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  • High-precision gyro survey data while drilling
  • Very high accuracy of wellbore positioning
  • Does not require the use of non-magnetic collars, the ability to work in conditions of magnetic interference and near adjacent wells
  • Possibility of location of gyro sensors closer to the bit
  • Fully transparent quality control – the possibility of independent verification of measurements by a third party
  • Very low power consumption, long battery life
  • High-precision gyrocompass at inclinations up to 70 degrees
  • Shock and vibration resistance, high reliability


  • Horizontal, directional and vertical drilling 
  • Offshore drilling 
  • High latitude drilling 
  • Multilateral drilling 
  • Drilling a dense well grid
  • Sidetrack drilling 
  • Drilling in the presence of magnetic interference 
  • Reducing the ellipse of uncertainty 
  • High-precision wellbore positioning 
  • Prevention of accidents and wellbore collisions 
  • Independent measurements – detection of gross errors 
  • IFR & MWD correlation
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