Drop gyro


Atlas Drilling gyro tool can perform survey in memory mode or in real time. In addition, all Atlas Drilling equipment supports any means of deployment. Including a free-fall drop – a cost-effective way to conduct independent measurements of wellbore trajectory while drilling.

The drop gyro makes it possible to carry out surveys without interrupting the well construction process. In addition, the drop gyro allows to survey when there is no possibility of conducting survey on a wireline, or when it is necessary to reduce the cost of survey. Thus, drop mode is ideal for horizontal wells. Drill pipe or tubing is used instead of a downhole tractor or coiled tubing. Atlas Drilling is ready to offer its customers the proven technology of the free-fall drop gyro. Due to its advantages, saving on rig time and deployment in horizontal sections exceeds cost of service.

drop gyro Atlas Drilling



Atlas Drilling drop gyro performs survey in memory mode. After drilling of a section of the well is finished, the tool is dropped into the drilling string.


In the highly deviated and horizontal wells there is a risk that tool can stop before the planned point. In order to ensure the delivery of the tool to a given point, the tool is pumped down by drilling fluid. This will give an additional impulse to the movement of the tool. For successful pumping down hydraulic calculations are preliminarily made.


The landing point in the drillstring is pre-equipped with a landing ring. The landing ring does not interfere with drilling and circulation. In addition, the ring has practically no significant hydrostatic resistance. The landing ring is easily and quickly installed in the drillpipe coupling at the time of assembly of the drillstring. Atlas Drilling has various sizes of landing rings for drillpipes 89 to 147 mm OD.

After drop and pump-down the tool, the survey data is recorded during the planned pulling out the BHA. Depth registration is possible in several ways. Measurements can be correlated with Customer provided pipe tally, or depth encoder can be mounted on drawworks. In addition, gamma ray logging module (GR) can be included in the toolstring for better depth correlation.
When the BHA retrieved to the surface, the operator removes the tool and the landing ring from the drillpipe. After the control diagnostics, downloading and processing of the information take place. At the same time, the drilling rig continues to work without stopping. It is also possible to issue a field report at the rig site. As a result, this allows Customers to quickly make decisions on further well construction activities.