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Our Goal is continuous development and increase of the range of services provided, while maintaining high quality standards and HSE requirements. The company constantly improves quality control systems that ensure the standardization of processes and the provision of services using the best world practices. These systems are implemented and supervised by qualified personnel, we are aimed at continuous improvement and have a goal of zero incidents and zero non-productive time.

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Team experience

Our team has unique experience and knowledge in the field of gyro wellbore surveying, which allows us to perform such services as North-seeking Drop Gyro, Gyro While Drilling, Wireline Gyro Multi-Shot Survey, Whipstock Orientation with high accuracy and quality.

>43 years of experience in oil and gas industry

>25 years of experience in the geosteering and high-accuracy gyro surveying

>6000 gyro surveys jobs have been supervised

>500 gyro surveys jobs have been performed by team members as field engineers


The Atlas Drilling gyro technologies are recognized by Customers around the world. The ATLAS GYRO High Accuracy North Seeking Gyro is a reliable instrument that has proven its efficiency in a wide range of applications across the Americas, Australia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Gyroscopic equipment allows you to use any means of deployment and work in memory mode or in real time. The battery free-fall drop mode of the Atlas high-precision gyroscope saves drilling rig time by measuring during the planned drillstring pulling out. After the drilling of the section is completed, the operator drops the gyro into the drilling string. For high inclination up to 90 degrees the tool is pumped down bu drilling fluid, in order to the mudflow give an additional impulse to the tool, ensuring delivery to a target point, equipped with a landing ring (installed in the drillstring coupling). The shock absorber provides smooth landing of the tool, and then during lifting of the drillstring the trajectory of the wellbore is recorded.

Atlas Drilling Gyro can be integrated into an MWD/LWD system and provide real-time survey data while drilling (Gyro While Drilling). GWD will aid in decision making and choosing the optimal and safe trajectory.

The Atlas Drilling gyro tool reliably shows the azimuth and whipstock orientation at any inclination, including 0-3 degrees. Measurements can be made both in real time and in memory mode. Additionally, it is possible to re-survey the wellbore to improve the accuracy of further drilling of the wellbore. A GR/CCL module can be included in the string for additional depth control.

Service provided by Atlas Drilling:

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